Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wrong blog - Right thought

Those who had subscribed the blog by e-mail, might received the post “an opportunity to talk sex”, and had some difficulties to associate it to the Ingles Empresarial context. Actually it was not conceived to this blog, but we can always find something creative and good in it. Although I don’t understand nothing about online communities, I can do a bridge with other aspects related to school.

Starting with the title, I see the word “sex” as a metaphor. Is not “talk about sex” but “talk sex”. So “sex” here is more like a way of dealing with things, an social behavior, rather than the physical act that all might have thought. It is seeking for what one can get and not what one can give. To wait to be given rather than looking for ways to give. Is like criticizing the other, instead of looking for one’s owns mistakes. Unfortunetly this “sexual” vision not only happens in online communities, it happens everywere. For instance, we can see students that are only waiting to have a good mark copying and pasting internet texts, rather than thinking in ways of giving something useful to them and to their colleagues. Another example is in the oral presentations. Some spent all the classes criticizing the teacher, but when they are presenting something, they do even worst mistakes than the teacher!

Gladly, there is the “love” vision. Is not a pinky colored philosophy, but one hard path were one must keep going even without positive feedback , keep experimenting and keep getting it wrong in order to make it better. And one have to keep his eye on the ball and remember the bigger reasons why he is doing it. Most of this work is invisible to people. Specially to those who keep their attention focused only in the school marks, and what is the interest in talking with this or that colleague, rather than learning something useful to life, and having the sensitivity, persistence and imagination to deal with people and problems in a harmonious way.

These are the two main ideas that I can get from the post, it would be nice to see if other students could share their oppinion about it too.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Woops - wrong blog!

I sent the last post went to the wrong blog. I've reposted it to:

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Video - presentation about brand managementt

Here's a video presentation of Seth Godin talking about brand management to the people in Google. It's a great presentation:
Google/SethGodin video. What presentation techniques do you pick up from him?

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First week over

So a new semester begins. Suddenly I lost one of my turmas (P562) and won another (P461). It feels a bit strange just getting to know people and then to find out that you're not going to be working with them. But everything else is looking good. The general linguistic level is very much higher than previous years.

I hope some students will come and join me and Eduardo in writing this blog.

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Obrigatório Vs Opção

I could not leave my comment, so I have to blog it.
Inglês Empresarial shoud be obrigatório since the first to the last year of our graduation. The majority of the courses in our school are based in management, and as the world is getting global day by day, management is also getting global too. So to be a good manager it means that one should communicate clear and objective. But the language barrier will limitate this managers only to Portugal or Spain, without awarness of what is happenig out there in the world.

But if one wants to be an Enterpreneur, and that should be the aim of our course, he has to develop real communication skills. English should be obrigatório every semester, in a way that we could compete with other European Managers. How we can compete with them, if we cannot understand a simple metting or seminarium in english? What is our advantage comparing to other Europeans Managers? I don't see many... More and more the portuguese companies are being managed by multinationals, it means that the strategical lines to portuguese reality are being developed outside the country. How can we adapt those strategies to the portuguese context if we do not even understand them? Probalby the Concelho Científico did not see the practical side of it (or is lost in political issues). Time is money. I have lost several business because I took to much time to answer (sometimes a few seconds), because it was in another language. Of course they were small business, but if we see in a larger scale, portuguese companies can lose profitable opportunities.

Actually, in my modest opinion, I think that we should have English obrigatório, and another language as an option. To be graduated with two different languages (or even more) would give us a good tool to operate in the competitive portuguese market that is getting global. What is the worth of a four year course, if one cannot apply it to the global reality?

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Exam text: Six steps to operational innovation

The text for the Exam on February 23rd is "Six steps to operational innovation" by Michael Hammer. It comes from the Harvard Business School blog Working Knowledge.

I have also put a copy in the yahoo group files.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm putting this cool link into the sidebar with the other film sites. You can submit your own video, watch or bomb other people's.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oral Presentation

I like to share my experience about my presentation. Preparing it was really hard! First of all, I have chosen a person to talk about (Tiago Monteiro) that I know quite well, so I had a lot of information about his career and also about the moments we spent toguether. Resuming that information and do the link to the enterpreneurs topic was not easy at all.

Motorsport (or automobile racing) is something that I'm used to, but the audience probably was the first time to hear something about it, so I have to adapt and simplify the ideas in order to give a clear structure that they could easily understand my story. I had to put myself in the audience's position, to know what would be the most important thing they would like to hear, because to me as an ex team-mate and fan of Tiago Monteiro everything was important! But the presentation was only about ten minutes...

Observation was crucial. I went to see other's presentations, and tried to see their mystakes, their strongest points (some of them really suprised me!) and how the audience was reacting to them. I observed also the way that teacher talk during the classes, that enthusiastic mood captured me. By observing the classroom, I've also noticed that it was too much white, so I thought it could be a good idea to bring something to colour it - an big image of my enterpreneur. I've made some contacts with companies that sponsored him, but unfortunately the "expositores" that they had were too old. I wanted his new Formula1 image!! During two weeks I've tried to find someone that had that image, and when I was about to give it up, I decided to talk with his father to see if he could help me. He gave me the contact of Galp's Marketing Manager, and although the "expositor" that Galp gave me (in the morning of my presentation's day) was not bigger as I wanted to be, it was his Formula one image. I finally got it!

While I was working on the structure and language, I wanted to finish the presentation with something really exciting. I thought it would be fantastic if I could video Tiago Monteiro giving the final words and concluding my story. The problem was the little time I had to prepare it - one month. I had to meet him, and to find some space in a Formula1 driver's agenda was not possible because he lives in London, and december has christmas, new year and is when the 2006 contracts are finally signed. Despite of being very busy, and after some phone calls and many e-mails, he managed to do a 15second video related to what I asked him. He was really nice! However, Tiago send me that video two days before the presentaiton but I had several problems to view it. I tried once again to call him, but he was testing in Spa-Francochamps, and his cell phone was off... Very upset I called his father and informed what had hapened.

Thus, in addiction to what had happened, on my presentation's day I had a team work discussion with Gestão Estratégica's teacher, and a Publicidade e Relações Públicas presentation. After doing them, I was a tired and sad about the video loss, so I went to my car to practice the English presentation and to relax a bit. Tiago called me! He said "Look, I'm going to catch a plane, my father said what happened to the video. I'm in the lounge room, is quiet here and I can send you by video call now". The problem was that I don't have video call on my cell phone... Thus I had to thank him very much for his attitude, and apologise for all the inconvinence that I did to him.

Once again, I lost the video...but I won the motivation that I needed to do a presentation from the heart. Actually, it was more a talk than a presentation. It was a real pleasure to do my first solo presentation of my life, talking about something that I have a emotional connection. At least, it was not useless those eleven years spent in the race tracks. Thanks to Ingles Empresarial, I could share it with my colleagues for some moments. Besides being very happy with the oral mark, the most important thing to me was this. To learn that nothing is usless, every experience helps us in the future.

Sorry for writting too much, but I thought that the context was so important as the techniques that I've used and teacher's help.

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