Sunday, January 08, 2006

Some good oral presentations

I felt very proud to see some of the oral presentations on Friday. I didn't see anyone who couldn't give a presentation in front of a professional audience in English. I really respect those students who are not confident to speak but who who persist during the semester, who ask for help in the preparation of their presentation, and who practice so much that they are able to give a perfectly understandable, enthusiastic and informed presentation.

In fact I have noticed that students who are less confident in the language often do better than those who are very confident. That must be because they pay attention to all the details - the structure, the content and the interaction with audience. People who start by thinking they know how to speak well in English sometimes forget that speaking language without making mistakes is NOT the same as giving a good presentation. I should know! How many terrible presentations I have seen given by people whose first language is English!!

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